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I Carry the World

I Carry the World Sitting, quiet. A moment in the sun. Anchored firmly to earth, My root reaches easily Through flimsy flooring and concrete, No barriers to life energy. I seek the heat of Nature, Connections we too often forget … Continue reading

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Walking the Labyrinth In the beginning there is no word. Only a path lying close by all the others. It shows itself in bits‑‑ We can’t see And won’t listen, Plunging along our lives Like stags through hedges Running from … Continue reading

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Prophet Show me I am waiting, Restless in my shell, Grating‑‑ Aimless by the well of inspiration, stimulation Teach me I want to learn There are heights I must scale Sights I must see Visions wait within To manifest my … Continue reading

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Book A Day #30 – Would Save If My House Burned Down

And so, we come to the end of the list. It’s fitting to have, if not the best, then at least the most cherished, for last. I had no trouble at all picking this one. It’s been with me my entire … Continue reading

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Book A Day #8 – Have More Than One Copy

These books have been personal favorites since I was just a wee girl. I discovered them around age 7 in a large, beautifully illustrated edition that I read in to rags. From then on, I could never watch a television, … Continue reading

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Book A Day #7 – Forgot I Owned It

A few weeks ago, I decided to tackle just one shelf of the built-in wall of shelves behind my desk. I’m trying to embrace this whole de-cluttering and downsizing phenomena, and when I take the time to honestly look at … Continue reading

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