I Carry the World

I Carry the World

Sitting, quiet.
A moment in the sun.
Anchored firmly to earth,
My root reaches easily
Through flimsy flooring and concrete,
No barriers to life energy.
I seek the heat of Nature,
Connections we too often forget
But never lose.

Sitting, quiet.
I feel the rise of inner flame,
Creativity growing, flowing
Up from the space that
Creates all life.
The sunburst in the center
Illuminates all choices,
Connects the root to crown,
Allowing base emotions to
Emerge as higher actions.

Sitting, quiet.
The roiling work of anger
And defiance reaches
The overflow, finds the target heart
And stops.

I expand.
I fall.
Into the outward burgeoning
Of a heart too immense to burst.
I hold it all.
You, I hold, you.
You, that I love.
You, that I hate but want to love.
You, that I am convinced I can never love,
But must love anyway.
I hold you.
I hold you all in my heart and
My heart is held in you,
Even if you never know it,
Even if you think you have no heart.
You cannot escape it.
I cannot escape you.

This supernova heart will hold everything.
It will hold and hold and hold,
The bursting pulse of love,
The ache of disagreement,
The de-gloving of the soul that is war.
It will hold defeat and ravishment and triumph.

I hold it all.
I surround it.
I grip and cherish it,
Because every breath of it,
Every atom of every molecule
Is what we are and what we are
Is so much more than this.

I carry the world in my heart.

So. Do. You.