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Little By Little

Happy October! Welcome to my favorite month of the year. Today dawned cool and a little foggy. I’m taking that as an auspicious sign of a good month to follow. This month will mark six months since the break up … Continue reading

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One Month

It was a month here on May 15. I celebrated my birthday here on the 12th, too. It was a quiet day, the kind I like best. Thanks to a gift certificate from a friend, I took myself to one … Continue reading

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A Week

Yesterday was a week since we moved. It seems like we have been here forever and that the last 13 years were but a dream. Isn’t that odd? I expected to be more broken up about the break up, but … Continue reading

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Let Us Go Then…

A week from today, the movers will come. E and I will be moving across town (big concept in Pueblo!) to a small, 2 bedroom apartment in a small, quiet complex. I’m in the throes of sorting, tossing, packing. Things … Continue reading

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Walking the Labyrinth In the beginning there is no word. Only a path lying close by all the others. It shows itself in bits‑‑ We can’t see And won’t listen, Plunging along our lives Like stags through hedges Running from … Continue reading

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The Year of Me

Another couple of weeks of a lot of thought, a lot of discussion fights, a lot of messy stuff. The second TV and having E downstairs has helped, at least as far as the tension level goes. I’m trying to … Continue reading

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Hugging The World

Today in Pueblo, the Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) was supposed to be coming to the courthouse to protest the legalization of marijuana and gay marriage here in Colorado. Some of my friends here in town decided to organize a protest … Continue reading

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Kind of a Weird Day

That song keeps running through my head, “So, this is Christmas…” It’s been a quiet day.  I woke up in the wee hours with something close to a panic attack over the cable bill. I already volunteered to work 3 … Continue reading

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Working It Out

Every Monday, I go here and check out my Tarotscopes for the week. I check my sun sign, Taurus, and then I also check my rising sign, Scorpio, because I have so many planets and other aspects of my chart … Continue reading

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Grateful For The Struggle

Living with other people is not easy for me. It’s just not.  There, it’s out in the open. Right now, I’m in the longest live-in relationship I’ve ever had and sometimes little things pop their heads up and it’s nearly … Continue reading

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