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Sometimes, my thought convolutions and trails of memory surprise me. This morning, in the wee hours, to get a brief break from work, I read an online essay at Lucky Peach, a great food, cooking and culture magazine. In it, … Continue reading

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Once upon a time, I put everything I owned in the trunk of my car and left behind a house that I had lived in for a long time, but wasn’t mine. I moved to a different city and lived … Continue reading

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…and the livin’ is easy. I have been enjoying this summer much more than I have enjoyed this season in a long time.  There are lots of reasons: A pool right outside my door, a sweet air conditioned apartment, a … Continue reading

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What I Did This Weekend

It had a lot to do with these three: They had football camp starting this past Thursday through Sunday morning. They all stayed here, and I trucked them back and forth to the practices and scrimmages. Fortunately, I now only … Continue reading

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Keeping My Own Company

Yesterday was a long swim, nearly an hour. More than, if you count the undressing and re-dressing parts. Every time I go swimming after a long hiatus, I spend at least the first few minutes kicking myself that I let … Continue reading

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Everyday Sacred

I continue to settle in. Went for a walk this morning. I got back from taking the boys to school (E’s friend A has been staying with us a lot–I don’t mind, he’s a really good kid and I like … Continue reading

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Finding beauty everywhere… After an afternoon shower: Looking the other way: Twilight in my little courtyard: A little ominous, but still lovely: Rainy morning view: Discovering through the lens is something I really love. More will follow.

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One Month

It was a month here on May 15. I celebrated my birthday here on the 12th, too. It was a quiet day, the kind I like best. Thanks to a gift certificate from a friend, I took myself to one … Continue reading

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I’m learning my new neighborhood. I’ve gone a few times to walk around the track at the middle school that’s just across the street. The other day I went in the morning right after I got back from taking E … Continue reading

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You might think this is going to be a rant about G or the breakup or whatever. It’s not. This is a rampage of pure appreciation. There is SO MUCH to be grateful for. This morning, I drove out east … Continue reading

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