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My Contribution to Christmas

A couple of weeks ago, I came across this recipe on Twitter from @ontysplate.  I was immediately entranced because it mixed two of my favorite things…pound cake and sweet potatoes.  Since I was already going to my nephew’s for Christmas … Continue reading

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Merry Holidays, Real Quick

It’s been forever and I won’t go into why.  Life is busy, but mostly things are good.  I don’t think I’ve written much about my dive into quilting over the last few years, but here’s a photo of a table … Continue reading

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My Green Chile

You know how you make your favorite things over and over and over and you just make them but you never really have a recipe?  My green chile is like that.  Green chile is kind of unique to this part … Continue reading

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The Ritual of Coffee

I started drinking coffee when I was a junior in high school.  It was my first year working at Six Flags Over Georgia, and I worked late on the weekends, sometimes till midnight or even 2 a.m.  Neither of my … Continue reading

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A Milestone

On Friday, I turned 60. It didn’t feel like much of a thing, but I wanted to commemorate it somehow. I have a lovely photo of my mother on HER 60th birthday, when I took her out to dinner with … Continue reading

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Did I Pass?

Yesterday, I drove to Denver to deliver a quilt gift that I made for a friend of mine. True to form in Colorado, although we have had nearly summer-like weather up until about Thanksgiving, we had our first really cold … Continue reading

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Relax, It’s Only Birth

So, Donald Trump has been elected. The (slightly less than) half of folks who wanted his brand of America is busily celebrating and in a lot of instances being great examples of how to be sore winners. The (slightly more … Continue reading

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In less than an hour here, it will be Samhain or Halloween, as it is more commonly known. It’s a time of mystery, contemplation and connection with the parts of ourselves that we don’t always think about, not just about … Continue reading

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Latest WIP*

Made from things in the stash… *work-in-progress     Save

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Open Door Policy

My view from the kitchen earlier this evening… We’ve been having a lot of afternoon/evening rain/thunderstorms. We may have some later tonight, in which case the door will be closed. 🙂

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