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Merry, Happy, Blessed

Where I sit, the clock just turned over to December 24, 2016. Christmas Eve. The tree is up and there are some presents under it. We don’t have stockings, but that’s okay. I actually put up some lights on the … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts About Food and Eating

I’m currently watching “The Chef’s Table” series on Netflix. It’s a collection of wonderful documentaries about some of the most important chefs currently operating in the culinary world today. The other day, I watched the segment on Dan Barber (@DanBarber … Continue reading

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‘Versaries and Such

(NOTE: There are links in this post. The link color is very faint, but hover your mouse and they will show up.) Hard to believe, but this week a year ago, I hurt  my shoulder really badly at a hot … Continue reading

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My New Assignment

Things have been rough. Really, really rough, but I don’t want to go into that. I’ve been reading some blogs, getting some things in my newsfeed, and while some of it makes me sigh and go, “Really?” a lot of … Continue reading

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Temporal Displacement

The good news is, this year I  probably won’t really notice Daylight Saving Time when it gets here. The bad news is, I’m in a constant state of temporal flux these days.  Here’s why. My now “normal” work schedule is … Continue reading

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