Sweeping Changes

I bet you think this is going to be a political post, given we just had the Inauguration last week. But no. This post is actually about sweeping. My new place has only hard floors. Laminate wood in most of the space, tile in the kitchen and mud room. I have a couple of small rugs in my room, one in front of my bed because I don’t like putting my warm bare feet on a cold floor and one under my rolling desk chair to protect the floor. Other than that, bare floors.

Given that there are dogs, cats, horse riders, hay, dirt, dust, and all the other detritus of human existence, sweeping needs to happen a lot. Like nearly every day. The rooms are big and open and the furniture doesn’t nearly fill most of the space (unlike my previous digs) and so it’s very evident when sweeping doesn’t happen.

A normal day for me is getting up whenever, but still pretty early. Usually after roomie has gone to work on weekdays, maybe a little later on weekends, when she sleeps in. I make coffee, get my eyes focused, open the curtains in the living room to let in the light (yay, light!) and then grab the broom. I like sweeping first thing in the morning. For me, it’s like getting the old energy from the previous day out, and letting the new day’s energy in. I usually start in my room, sweeping around my piles (yes, I still have piles and boxes–I don’t have a closet, so…), then into the living room, the den/dining area and now, I’m happy to say, I can add the front room/reading nook to the sweeping space. With the exception of the teenager’s room and roomie’s room (where the cats live), I have the sweeping run of the whole house.

This morning was particularly lovely. It has been raining or cloudy for nearly two weeks straight. I am not used to that much cloudy weather, although even when it’s cloudy, it’s brighter in the house than my previous bottom of the well apartment. But the sun’s out today and the house faces mostly east and the light is wonderful. I was happy to open the curtains and sweep everything.

I am surprised that I like sweeping here. I didn’t sweep much in the other place, but with the exception of the kitchen, every square inch of floor space was taken up with something, so sweeping was aggravating. Here it’s an open road. And I have the pleasure of a clean and shiny floor afterward to put my yoga mat on, to walk on, to just admire while sitting in a reading chair. Who knew sweeping could unlock such feelings?

Watch out, next time I might wax rhapsodic about washing dishes!

FYI, view from my desk into the front room/reading nook with all the light.