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Sometimes, my thought convolutions and trails of memory surprise me. This morning, in the wee hours, to get a brief break from work, I read an online essay at Lucky Peach, a great food, cooking and culture magazine. In it, … Continue reading

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One Minute

Once, long ago: Laughter, in the car. Me: “How would you explain me to someone?” Him: “Very simply. This is the woman I love.” Years later, I realized I’ve spent the rest of my life looking for this.

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Today is my 2nd grandson’s 13th birthday. Yes, I now have two teenaged grandchildren. I can hardly wrap my head around that, let me tell you. This week, on my days off, I took E and we went up to … Continue reading

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Writing Challenge #3 – The Worst Foot-in-Mouth

When I got married for the first time, I knew from the beginning that it was a huge mistake, but I was so overwhelmed by circumstances that I simply didn’t know how to get out of it. I have never … Continue reading

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Book A Day #30 – Would Save If My House Burned Down

And so, we come to the end of the list. It’s fitting to have, if not the best, then at least the most cherished, for last. I had no trouble at all picking this one. It’s been with me my entire … Continue reading

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Book A Day #18 – Bought On A Recommendation

Once upon a time, I had a long-distance relationship with an astronaut. Well, he was wearing a space-suit when I met him, but really he was a Klingon, or he wanted to be. Over the course of our correspondence, we … Continue reading

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Book A Day #14 – An Old Favorite

Oh, there are so many. For me, there’s just nothing better than slipping back into a well-loved tale and feeling I’m home again after being away for months or years. I discovered this particular treasure back in high school, probably … Continue reading

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Book A Day #10 – Reminds Me of Someone I Love

I couldn’t have planned it better and I had no idea it would work out this way. Tomorrow, it will be eight years since my mother passed. I counted it this morning and I just couldn’t believe it. Eight years … Continue reading

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Book A Day #1 – Favorite Book From Childhood

Now that the official UK Book A Day challenge is over, I thought I would try it. That’s me, always a little bit late with the trends. 🙂 Really, though, I was reading the FB posts of one of my … Continue reading

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