Dream A Little Dream

Because of my wacky, messed up sleep schedule, I rarely dream.  And when I do, I rarely remember them.  But when I do, they are often doozies.  Such a dream happened a few weeks ago.  It happened when I woke up early after my work shift, but decided not to get up and fell back asleep.  This is most often when my dreams happen–or at least when I remember them.  So here’s the story…

I was at my mechanic’s shop getting my car worked on.  The mechanic was Denny, who is the son of the mechanic who is, indeed, the mechanic who has worked on my cars for nearly 30 years.  Denny took over the shop when his dad, Jerry, retired.  Denny was explaining to me that I did not need to have my brakes replaced.  He had some kind of plastic model and was showing me the thickness or something else to do with brakes and why mine were fine.  Then he said I needed something else done to my car, but that he would have to let Ron do it because his shop didn’t do that, and then he said he would take me to Ron.

This turned out to be just walking across the shop floor to another mechanic, who was, I guess, Ron.  As in dreams, he talked a lot but I didn’t really hear or understand much of it. But finally I agreed to whatever the work was.  And then, I looked up at Ron and said, “You really remind me of Porter Wagoner.”  And I was laughing really hard. I felt myself laughing in the dream.  And everyone in the dream laughed and said, yes, Ron does look like Porter Wagoner.  Then, in my dream I thought, Oh, I have to tell my mom about this, she will love it.  And then, I remembered my mom was dead, and for a minute I was so sad that I would not be able to tell her about this Porter Wagoner look-alike and also because for a minute, I really couldn’t think of anyone I knew who also knew who Porter Wagoner was. (I grew up on Gospel Jubilee and Hee Haw, etc.)

THEN, I suddenly thought, Oh, I can tell Valerie.  Valerie will know who Porter Wagoner is.  (Valerie is my roommate, a couple years older than me and cut her teeth on country music via her mother, an Okie).  And then I was happy again, once more laughing about Ron, the Porter Wagoner doppelganger.

And then I woke up laughing.  Those are the kinds of dreams I have.

Porter Wagoner - Wikipedia

Book A Day #13 – Makes Me Laugh

A couple of years ago, a good friend from college came to visit. We spent a pleasant week doing a few touristy things, cooking, hanging out around the house, talking about reading, writing, and movies…in other words, a damn near perfect visit. Over the course of her stay, she mentioned the book in question. I told her that I might have heard of it, but I had never read it. She was shocked, SHOCKED, I tell you, and vowed that I must read it posthaste. Once she got back home, she actually ordered and sent me a copy, which I received in good time and immediately started to read.

Oh, my Lord. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I laughed while I was reading this book. Now, you have to understand, both my friend and I are from the South, raised by Southern parents and went to an iconic Southern college, so this book resonates like nobody’s business. But trust me, even if you never set foot in the South, I guarantee you a good few dozen belly laughs in this book. And in the spirit of my friend’s generosity, if you really want to read it, and can’t find it, e-mail me and I’ll get you a copy. Yes, I want to share this book that much!