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Merry, Happy, Blessed

Where I sit, the clock just turned over to December 24, 2016. Christmas Eve. The tree is up and there are some presents under it. We don’t have stockings, but that’s okay. I actually put up some lights on the … Continue reading

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Something Unexpectedly Nice

Fridays are my run-around days. They are also my Mondays, when I make the trek back to work and my insanely disturbed sleep schedule, so I’m not crazy about the day in general. However, I have managed to get them … Continue reading

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Blessed Be

Life is good and the Universe is abundant. I’d like to say a word about clarity. I am learning that clarity is the most important factor about any decision. You have to be clear about what you want. In fact, … Continue reading

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Keeping My Own Company

Yesterday was a long swim, nearly an hour. More than, if you count the undressing and re-dressing parts. Every time I go swimming after a long hiatus, I spend at least the first few minutes kicking myself that I let … Continue reading

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Blessed Solstice

For all of you out there… your debts forgiven your wounds healed your apologies accepted your generosity expanded your love educated your desires clarified your untold stories heard your insight heightened your load lightened your wildness rejuvenated your leaks plugged … Continue reading

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Ten-Thing Monday

1. I am incredibly grateful to have found a most marvelous book called “Seven Sacred Pauses.” The wisdom it contains is beyond measure. 2. I am so grateful that it’s October, my favorite month. I love the bluest skies of … Continue reading

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