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I have a bicycle in my living room. It’s up on a trainer, on a 30 x 30 piece of plywood so that when I ride it the back wheel doesn’t rub and mess up the carpet (yes, I am … Continue reading

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Something Unexpectedly Nice

Fridays are my run-around days. They are also my Mondays, when I make the trek back to work and my insanely disturbed sleep schedule, so I’m not crazy about the day in general. However, I have managed to get them … Continue reading

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Relax, It’s Only Birth

So, Donald Trump has been elected. The (slightly less than) half of folks who wanted his brand of America is busily celebrating and in a lot of instances being great examples of how to be sore winners. The (slightly more … Continue reading

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Sometimes, my thought convolutions and trails of memory surprise me. This morning, in the wee hours, to get a brief break from work, I read an online essay at Lucky Peach, a great food, cooking and culture magazine. In it, … Continue reading

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Once upon a time, I put everything I owned in the trunk of my car and left behind a house that I had lived in for a long time, but wasn’t mine. I moved to a different city and lived … Continue reading

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Bit By Bit

Here we are in the third week of January. Where does the time go? Even E has been commenting on it recently, and I guess time has to be going by pretty quickly for a teenager to notice it. I … Continue reading

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In The Moment

Today I dragged myself out of a doze from 5:15 to 6 a.m. to get the boys to school. E’s friend A is staying with us during the week because the rental house where he and his family (7 other … Continue reading

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