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Something Unexpectedly Nice

Fridays are my run-around days. They are also my Mondays, when I make the trek back to work and my insanely disturbed sleep schedule, so I’m not crazy about the day in general. However, I have managed to get them … Continue reading

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Time marches on and life goes with it. April was my first anniversary of being here in this little place. The past year has flown by and now we are deep into summer. Discovery: I really like summer when there’s … Continue reading

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Up & Down

School starts next week. I’m looking forward to it, even though it’s been a really nice summer. Both of us have pretty much gone with the flow. I let him sleep mostly as long and as much as he wanted, … Continue reading

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Blessed Be

Life is good and the Universe is abundant. I’d like to say a word about clarity. I am learning that clarity is the most important factor about any decision. You have to be clear about what you want. In fact, … Continue reading

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This is what morning looks like chez Granny when I go to bed at a “normal” hour and then pop awake at 3:30 a.m.  It’s all good. I realized I wasn’t going to go back to sleep (maybe I’ll carve … Continue reading

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What I Did This Weekend

It had a lot to do with these three: They had football camp starting this past Thursday through Sunday morning. They all stayed here, and I trucked them back and forth to the practices and scrimmages. Fortunately, I now only … Continue reading

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Keeping My Own Company

Yesterday was a long swim, nearly an hour. More than, if you count the undressing and re-dressing parts. Every time I go swimming after a long hiatus, I spend at least the first few minutes kicking myself that I let … Continue reading

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Everyday Sacred

I continue to settle in. Went for a walk this morning. I got back from taking the boys to school (E’s friend A has been staying with us a lot–I don’t mind, he’s a really good kid and I like … Continue reading

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Finding beauty everywhere… After an afternoon shower: Looking the other way: Twilight in my little courtyard: A little ominous, but still lovely: Rainy morning view: Discovering through the lens is something I really love. More will follow.

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One Month

It was a month here on May 15. I celebrated my birthday here on the 12th, too. It was a quiet day, the kind I like best. Thanks to a gift certificate from a friend, I took myself to one … Continue reading

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