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Feeding People

If you have read this blog and/or my other incarnation, Grumpy Granny, you will know that cooking has been a big part of me for a long time.  But over the past few years, even before the breakup and my … Continue reading

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My Contribution to Christmas

A couple of weeks ago, I came across this recipe on Twitter from @ontysplate.  I was immediately entranced because it mixed two of my favorite things…pound cake and sweet potatoes.  Since I was already going to my nephew’s for Christmas … Continue reading

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Merry Holidays, Real Quick

It’s been forever and I won’t go into why.  Life is busy, but mostly things are good.  I don’t think I’ve written much about my dive into quilting over the last few years, but here’s a photo of a table … Continue reading

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My Green Chile

You know how you make your favorite things over and over and over and you just make them but you never really have a recipe?  My green chile is like that.  Green chile is kind of unique to this part … Continue reading

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So Much Stuff

I hardly know where to begin.  It’s been so long since my last post and so much has happened in such a short space.  Maybe I should talk about some of the things I’ve learned in the last few weeks, … Continue reading

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The Ritual of Coffee

I started drinking coffee when I was a junior in high school.  It was my first year working at Six Flags Over Georgia, and I worked late on the weekends, sometimes till midnight or even 2 a.m.  Neither of my … Continue reading

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A Milestone

On Friday, I turned 60. It didn’t feel like much of a thing, but I wanted to commemorate it somehow. I have a lovely photo of my mother on HER 60th birthday, when I took her out to dinner with … Continue reading

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I have a bicycle in my living room. It’s up on a trainer, on a 30 x 30 piece of plywood so that when I ride it the back wheel doesn’t rub and mess up the carpet (yes, I am … Continue reading

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I Carry the World

I Carry the World Sitting, quiet. A moment in the sun. Anchored firmly to earth, My root reaches easily Through flimsy flooring and concrete, No barriers to life energy. I seek the heat of Nature, Connections we too often forget … Continue reading

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What A Difference…

…a month makes. I haven’t died or completely given up, although some days it is definitely tempting. I’m still here, just trying to get my bearings in a world that seems determined to fling itself over the edge of total … Continue reading

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