March Madness

Well, hello, there. I’m still here and I’m pretty sure you are, too. It’s been quite a month. Lots of things going on and most of them are good. Maybe I should do a list:

  • I’m coming up on my one-year anniversary of being here in this place and things continue to be great. I have come to the absolute realization that I am just better off and much happier being a single person. I love my friends and enjoy being with them when we get together but then I can go home to my sweet little nest and shut out the rest of the world on my terms. I always knew this about myself but I let society’s overwhelming need to have everyone “coupled” drown out that little voice in the back of my head. No more.
  • E is nearly half way through high school! I think this may be sinking in for him as well. I went to his teacher conferences this month, rather dreading it to be honest, and was pleasantly surprised by all of his teachers. He asked me to join Upward Bound which is a program that helps kids with homework, programs that are college oriented, and even takes them on tours of the various state colleges in Colorado. Of course I said yes! I was thrilled that it was his idea; I didn’t even know about the program.
  • I paid off my car! Now I will have to figure out how to afford insurance for E, but that’s a post for another day. Right now, I’m basking in the glow of one less bill per month.
  • I am really enjoying my quilting projects and have taken a couple of more classes on various tools and techniques. It’s creative, relaxing (at times), and it creates lovely and useful things, so it ticks a lot of boxes. It’s not particularly cheap, but that fabric is so PRETTY…that said, if you are a person who knows me well enough to ever give me a gift, well…the name of the quilt store in Pueblo is Stitcher’s Garden. 🙂
  • I’ve planted a few pots already, and hope to get more done in the next couple of weeks. I’m not sure my tomato seeds are going to go as I didn’t start them inside, but everything is an experiment and I’m only planting a few, so I can try again next year if I want. Otherwise, I’ll get a couple of plants at my favorite nursery and go from there.
  • I broke down and bought a microwave! I lived without one for a year and it wasn’t bad, but E still refuses to approach the stove to heat up leftovers, so hopefully, this will make it easier for him to feed himself when I don’t feel like it. Sometimes “simplicity” is not the mere absence of things, but the presence of the right things.

So that’s the big news from here. Otherwise, I’m still working my crazy shift, learning how to sleep better with breathing exercises and other non-drug related things. It seems to be working. On Saturday and Sunday, I am managing to sleep until almost noon some days. Trust me, that is a major accomplishment. I gave myself permission to do two things on weekend days–sleep and work. E is usually hanging out with friends or just here playing video games or watching movies, so it’s all good. I’ll make a casserole or a pot of something and we’ll just eat out of the fridge. Also, thank God for the Dollar Tree.

We just got done with spring break for this year and on that note, I’m leaving a pic of E, his friend A, and sometimes girlfriend, M. Time got away to make plans for a “real” trip, so I took the three of them to the top of Pike’s Peak on the cog railway. The other two kids had never been, so it was fun. Then we went to the arcade in Manitou Springs (I did window shopping) and overall had a really cool day. I hope your season is blooming out, as well!

ready (800x781)



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3 Responses to March Madness

  1. liz says:

    Sounds like you have been busy, and are coming into a good place with yourself. Yay! My March has been ridiculously crazy too! Like for realz. Haha! Wishing you a nice ending to your month, and a beautiful April!

    And what a great photo! 🙂

    • GratefulGran says:

      Thanks, Liz. I have seen some of your technology woes on Twitter/Instagram. I hope everything smooths out soon. Hope you have a lovely spring in Sweden!

  2. Michael Austin Shell says:

    “E still refuses to approach the stove to heat up leftovers….”
    Ah, the younger generation. “What, you mean I can’t do it in less three clicks?”

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