Been A While

But I’m still here. Since my last post, I have been dealing with what is commonly known as “the crud.” I had it over a weekend (yay, working while sick, my favorite!) and then I started to feel better during the following week, but by Thursday it came roaring back for an even more miserable weekend, which I managed to get through because there just isn’t anyone to cover for me on Saturday or Sunday. By Monday (last week), though, I was done. I had to just give up and take to my bed with tea and cough drops. I’m not exactly sure what it was. I didn’t have the body aches, etc. of the flu but I didn’t have that really badly stuffed up nose/scratchy throat of a cold, either. It wasn’t the worst I have ever felt, but just bad enough no to want to do anything but like on my back and stare at the ceiling. Hence, “the crud.”

One thing it does do, however, is linger. I started feeling better about a week ago, and felt improvement nearly every day. The work weekend was fine, was able to focus and get things done, but this hacking cough has not let up until just a couple of days ago. Honestly, last week on my days off, I was kind of afraid I might have come down with whooping cough it was so bad. But that, too, has finally started to abate. It’s so DRY here right now, and the dry heat in the house doesn’t help. Thankfully, E’s aunt has loaned me a humidifier to use in the room, so I’ve been trying that at night and I do think it’s making a difference.

The last two days here in Pueblo have been snow days for school, and it hasn’t bothered me at all. That means, instead of lying down for 45 minutes after a full night’s work and then schlepping the boys to school, I can just go to bed after work and we all sleep in. This makes the 3rd Monday in a row I have been able to just sleep; once for MLK day, once for a teacher’s work day and then yesterday for snow. I could get used to that. I was surprised at yesterday, as there was barely any snow, but we definitely made up for it last night/this morning. I finally got out this afternoon to dig out the car and start it for a while and there was a good five inches of snow covering the it. I discovered that a plastic dustpan with a “squeegee” edge makes a really good scoop for getting the snow off your car. Better than one of those brush scrapers for getting the weight of the snow off. Then you can use the scraper on the ice.

Otherwise, things are moving along. E was accepted into Upward Bound and is talking about buying a car. I’m still putzing around at my own pace here in the flat. I’ve been doing a good amount of quilting projects, which isn’t the easiest thing to do when you don’t have much space to spread out in, but I have so far been able to make it work for the smaller things and I found a local quilter here to help me with the bigger things. I’m really enjoying getting back to sewing and moving forward in quilting. I signed up to take another class at the end of the month and that will bring another piece with it. This one I may keep for myself.

I don’t have a lot of big plans on the horizon, but that’s okay. Small and well-planned beats big and all over the place right now. And since I just got back from taking the boys to Burger Tuesday at our favorite pub, the after meal drowsies have kicked in and I’m going to go lie down for a while. Because I can.

Happy Groundhog Day from sunny, cold Pueblo!


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One Response to Been A While

  1. efrompdx says:

    Hi GG, I’m late reading this post, but wanted to comment anyway. I hope the crud is finally done tormenting you. The ones that hang on and on are the worst! Keep taking it easy and getting all the rest you can.

    Hey, how about a picture of the quilt you are working on? I’d love to see what you have going on. I’ll send (or post) a picture of the little quilt I’m working on too….

    Other than crud and cruddy weather, things sound ok at your place. Hang in there, woman!

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