Ups And Downs

Things continue to be good. I am learning the power of manifestation. Over the past couple of weeks, I have experienced the feeling of nearly instant manifestation of something very specific that I wanted/needed. I mean, putting out the words into the Universe that, “I need to manifest _______” and not twenty minutes later, it showed up. Yes, really. No, I didn’t win the lottery, but I manifested two things that I left behind me (wasn’t “allowed” to take) and now I have those things again. Manifestation works, but again, you have to be clear. Some people can manifest lottery winnings, but I’m not sure I will ever be able to do that, but it’s because of my beliefs about how money is “supposed” to come to me, I think. If I can work on and change those underlying beliefs, then maybe that lottery ticket will show up. But, honestly, while it’s a lot of fun to think about what I’d do if I did win the lottery, actually winning the lottery isn’t my be-all and end-all life goal, so probably not going to happen. A few dollars on a scratch ticket, maybe. Powerball, not so much. And it’s all good.

But the title is “Ups and Downs.” I haven’t really had too many down periods since I started this new chapter, but I got some news from G the other day that could have been a catalyst for a (probably brief) downward trend if I had allowed it. I decided that I wouldn’t. First, I’d like to say that during this month I have been participating in this event when I have the time. By participate, I mean I signed up (free) and when I am able to, I listen to the recordings of the interviews with various participants. The list of folks who are joining in to share their wisdom and knowledge on so many different levels is impressive. People from Susun Weed, Sandra Ingerman, and Brooke Medicine Eagle are offering their time and insights into a host of different subjects, under the theme of Awakening Your Inner Warrior. It’s good stuff, and there are still about eight interviews left, and signing up is free. This is the second annual, so with any luck there will be a third, and I plan to listen again to as many folks as I can manage.

I say this because so many of the lectures are about how the words that we put out into the universe play a huge part in the creation of our lives. It makes sense. If all we do is put out negative and accusatory or blaming words, what do you think we’ll get back? Lots of negativity. Think of it as getting a job review. If your boss doesn’t do anything but criticize what you’ve been doing in your job without any positive feedback, how do you feel? Rotten, yes? Motivated to do better? Hardly. Resentful, surely. But, if the boss sits you down, says you’re doing a good job, here are some things you can work on do be even better, we know you can do it, you’re important and appreciated, well, what’s the story then? You want to go back to work, implement those suggestions and keep at it. It’s pretty simple.

So, when this information from G came across my plate, I confess that for about a tenth of a second, I wanted to be petty, maybe get confrontational, move into the “I told you so” mode or “make it worth my while” mode. Then I realized, that would completely negate all the good stuff that I have been managing to accomplish in such a short time. Would it feel good? Yeah, for about five minutes, and then I’d have the whole rest of my life to regret it. Remember, once those words are out there, no amount of wishing or wailing can call them back. Better to keep them behind your teeth in the first place. So, I did. I nodded and smiled, agreed to everything. I’m not screwing myself up over something that in the long run doesn’t really affect or matter to me anyway. Sure, there’s a little bit of hurt, but that’s my own ego yammering, trying to focus on something that’s no longer important. Let it go, right? Shake it off. And on that note, I’m going to share this with ya’ll. For the record, I LOVE The Rock. Not for his acting, but for his attitude, and he is at his best here. Watch and enjoy!


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  1. efrompdx says:

    You know you are walking the right path, GG. Thanks for the updates. šŸ™‚

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