Serentipty and Self Care

Been thinking a lot about exercise, keeping active in a job that keeps me sitting twelve hours a day, four days a week, and still trying to work sleep in there somewhere. Of course, trying to avoid all the medial frenzy about how “sitting is the new smoking” that screams at you from every magazine, every web page, every “news” program. Guess what people? Life is fatal. Get used to it. Everything will kill you eventually. Maintaining good health is simply the slowest way one can die. Still, I like being active and feeling good. I’ve never liked being sick, get nothing out of it. So, here I am, trying to figure out how to get more activity in my daily routine.

The thing is, like most folks, I feel like if I don’t do a lot of exercise, why bother to do any? As in, well, I don’t have time to walk three miles right now, so I’ll just watch the next episode of The Fosters, and oh, look, a donut! Sound familiar? So, in the interest of self care, I decided that I would just do little bursts of exercise whenever I can and whenever the mood hits, or even if the mood doesn’t. I already try to get up and go stretch in my little porch area a couple of times a day. This morning, after I got done with work, I walked around the block before I came in to sleep. It was lovely. The waning crescent moon was up, the sun hadn’t peeked over the tops of the trees yet, although it was plenty light to walk. Just around the block, and done. But I moved. I did something. And I do think it helped me get to sleep right away.

Another thing I decided to do was get back into yoga. I discovered this place in town, an open yoga studio that operates on a donation basis. They were having a beginner class at the Riverwalk today at 11:30, a time that would work for me, so I got myself together with yoga mat, etc. and headed down there today. Alas, at the place where they said the class would be, there was some kind of veterans’ thing going on, and I couldn’t find a sign or a place anywhere for the yoga studio. I suppose I could have gone to the studio itself, which wasn’t far away, but instead, I decided to head down to the old area of town with the funky shops and look for some incense, as I’m nearly out. Once there, I saw a sign inside that said “reflexology” and asked the guy if that was happening today. Turns out, it was, and the lady was there already. So, hey, I had a reflexology session. Now, I used to go to a friend of mine who did this for ages. She has taken a long hiatus since her grandson was born (he’s 3 now–Cheryl, I MISS YOU!), and I haven’t had a reflexology session in at least that long. Oh, my goodness, was that wonderful. If you’ve never had reflexology, run, don’t walk and find someone who does it.  You don’t have to get undressed, all you have to do is take off your shoes. That session was exactly what I needed today. I’m sure the yoga class would have been great–and I plan to go because I want to get back into a regular practice. But, I needed someone to work on my feet and the reflex points. She totally found what was going on with my right shoulder (on your feet, you ask?). Oh yes. She was good. Her waiver said she was a student, so the charge was minimal for the time (I actually have no idea how long she worked on me…rub my feet and I leave my body almost immediately), and I tipped her pretty well. She’s there every other Saturday, and I may just have found my new happy place in town. I pretty much floated out. It was a happy end to a day that could have felt thwarted if I had let it. Instead, I allowed myself to be guided to an even better outcome. Now, I’m writing this, having a little snack, then I’m going to work a little bit of extra time, then hit the pool and come in and take a nap before going to work. E is at his friend’s house and I imagine won’t be back until tomorrow, so I get a little recovery time. We pretty much spent the whole week together, which was nice, but now I get some me time.

Next week, I’m going over to the house to meet with G about finalizing what exactly I want of what I left there. I hope to get my little trampoline. I really miss it. And when I can afford to get a car carrier, I’m going to bring my bike over here and put it on the trainer in the living room, so I can sit on that and pedal while I watch TV. Make exercise painless, and we’ll do it, right? I will probably get a cheap piece of vinyl flooring to put down over the carpet to protect it, and I should be good to go. I know Eli won’t care and then I won’t have to worry about someone stealing the bike from its place. And I can ride in the winter, too. Again, win/win. I’m liking all these win/wins here.

Must go type for dollars. Summer blessings to all of you.


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4 Responses to Serentipty and Self Care

  1. CrazyMom! says:

    Borrow a bike car carrier – I’ll bet you know someone who has one!
    Moving on Thursday – we need to talk!

  2. pugwantstoknow says:

    Crazymom has the right idea. I’m thinking leaving your bike there until you can afford to get a bike carrier might not be a good idea. G gets a new girlfriend or gets angry about your split and she might dispose of the bike. For me, the faster and cleaner break would have been the best. Long gone and hard to find.

  3. GratefulGran says:

    Ah, it’s all good. No worries.

  4. efrompdx says:

    I love your attitude about fitting in the movement where and when you can. I think that, of itself, is healthy. And, how great that you found the reflexologist! Allowing positive things to happen is good for you! And, it’s been missing since you lived with a hyper-planner.

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