Finding Our Rhythm

This week has been considerably more relaxing than the 2 previous. E had another friend over on Monday and Tuesday (also playing football) so I could get them to their 7 a.m. weight practice. N is a nice kid–we met him and his parents when we were in the first go-round of parenting classes. On Monday, I got them to practice and just hung out in the car. I thought I might doze, but I didn’t, just read my book. Then they came home and crashed like teen-sized logs and I, alas, though exhausted and desperately needing to sleep before my final shift, could simply NOT go back to sleep. When the boys woke up, they wanted to go to the mall, which was fine with me, but they needed to find their ride home since I would be working. N said he would call his mom after she got off work. So I took them and when I got back, I STILL wasn’t sleepy, but needed to do something, so I decided to give the pool a try. Did I mention we have a pool here? I hadn’t been in it at all. So I got on my casual swim gear (as opposed to lap swimming gear) and took the plunge. Of course, it’s small, but the deep end is really deep, over my head, so floating is great. There were only 2 little boys playing in the shallow end, and their moms were pretty attentive, so I had the whole thing mostly to myself. Win! Since the sun was out and I hadn’t put on any sunscreen, I had to limit myself, but those 20 minutes floating around on a pool noodle were more relaxing that a couple of hours tossing and turning trying to sleep when it won’t happen. In fact, I’m going out there here in a few and do it again before I have to start my week tonight.

This week was very calm. Practice 2 days in a row and the rhythm there is get up at 6:30, get to the school by 7, wait for them, either read or doze, come home and we all try to go back to sleep. I decided a couple of weeks ago that I am just going to let this schedule happen. If I want to sleep, I’ll sleep, if I want to read, I’ll read. I want to pay attention to my body. I’m trying not to obsess so much about food, that being, worrying about what E is going to eat. He’s not a big eater and kind of picky. I find myself trying to fix all this stuff to try to tempt him and all I do is end up eating it myself and that’s not good for me. So I’m learning to fix smaller portions, just do things that I know he’ll eat and then do stuff like make a roast and shred it, so I can put it with rice or noodles or in BBQ sauce for sandwiches, etc., I’m buying more frozen veggies because they keep. He likes green beans, peas, corn. Simple enough. Pull out a bag and what’s left, I’ll eat over a few meals. He doesn’t like leftovers and I don’t have a microwave, so downsizing portions is fine. I love leftovers, and I don’t mind putting them in a skillet on low and waiting for fifteen minutes.

He’s been fun this week. Most of his friends have been out of town, so he’s just had me to hang around with. I gave him a choice last night of home done pizza on Boboli crust (with homemade sauce) or Popeye’s chicken, which he loves, and he picked the pizza which surprised me. Then I offered to take him to DQ when he was looking for munchies, and when we got home, we watched the 3rd Transformer movie on demand. He actually hung out with me, and we laughed and talked. This morning I had to take him for a UA (that’s twice a month until his court case is over), and he willingly went to the store with me and helped me find things he wanted to eat. Now he’s playing XBox and I’m going to hit the pool, the try to put together a (small) casserole for dinner. It’s going to be a play on chilaquiles, so I hope it will go over. But if not, it’s all made from leftovers, so I haven’t blown the farm on ingredients.

I hope this weekend will be relaxed and restful, getting ready for the tough Monday and Tuesday. The stress level is SO much better. The mandatory structure has kind of fallen away and I’m enjoying letting things evolve.

And today, I hung up some wind chimes and planted basil. Plans for the grotto continue…And SCOTUS actually did the right thing! Lots of gratitude here in Pueblo today.



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