What I Did This Weekend

It had a lot to do with these three:

tresamigos (640x480)They had football camp starting this past Thursday through Sunday morning. They all stayed here, and I trucked them back and forth to the practices and scrimmages. Fortunately, I now only live about 2 miles from the college where the camp was held (same place I swim), but combine multiple trips with my work schedule and trying to keep these three fed, it was pretty exhausting. They’re good kids, though, all three of them, funny, witty and sweet when you aren’t looking. Today, they’ve gone with the middle one’s family to a small water park in Walsenburg, about 40 miles south. E spent the night last night, so I’m having a whole day kid free–until later this evening when they come home and I promised them we’d go to Jurassic World tonight for the five dollar movie. Did I mention that our local theater has five dollar movies ALL DAY on Tuesdays? Yes, they do, so I am seeing a lot more movies these days as you might imagine. And loving THAT.

Then, tomorrow, E and I head north to Denver where we will have an overnight with his brother, who I haven’t seen since the day of his father’s memorial service. I got a hotel with a pool and an arcade and maybe we’ll go to the 16th Street Mall downtown or the zoo or the aquarium or wherever. Then E will spend the rest of the week there with his dad, I think.

Then, next week, football practice and conditioning start in earnest. It’s been nice to know this week is activity free, but it will be over too soon. Still, I have today, and that’s been good.

Summer in Pueblo is shaping up to be pretty good.


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One Response to What I Did This Weekend

  1. pugwantstoknow says:

    They look like nice kids. Enjoy your time with them.

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