Keeping My Own Company

Yesterday was a long swim, nearly an hour. More than, if you count the undressing and re-dressing parts. Every time I go swimming after a long hiatus, I spend at least the first few minutes kicking myself that I let so much time go by between swims. The moment I slide into the water, my entire perspective changes. All is well. I can’t explain it. There is just nothing like being in the water. In addition to swimming my laps, I consciously tried to spend at least a few minutes just being in the water. That’s a little more difficult, but yesterday, after I finished, there was no one waiting for a lane, and only one other person in the pool, so just just hung out for a bit. Thing is, I am naturally buoyant. At the deep end, 13 feet, I don’t have to tread water, I just naturally bob out at about chin level. I could hang submerged in the water all day, if I wouldn’t completely shrivel into a prune. So, I just bobbed for a while, then walked a little back and forth in the shallow end, stretched and called it good…oh, I did swim about 50 laps first, so it was a good workout. Then, in the locker room, I struck up a chat with a woman who asked me if I worked for the college. I said, no, I just enjoyed swimming there. She told me about an on-campus challenge they are having, called the “Iron Wolf.” The CSU-Pueblo mascot is the Thunder Wolf, hence…

Anyway, the challenge is, for the month of June, to swim 2.4 miles, ride your bike 112 miles, and walk 26 miles…the distances of an Ironman Triathlon, but just to do it in a month. I thought this was a fabulous challenge. I am working on getting my bike back over here and saving up for a trunk-mounted bike carrier, and when I do, I am going to set this as a challenge for myself. Of course the swimming part won’t take me long, but I need to map out a few walking routes here around the neighborhood, so I can keep track of my walking and fortunately, I do have an odometer on my bike. I am really excited about this. I am following this amazing woman as she prepares for an Ironman, and so I will kind of feel like I am making strides in that direction myself. I will do my best not to let hot weather, etc. talk me out of it. And if any readers would like to throw some words of encouragement my way, I wouldn’t decline them.

Otherwise, E finished up 9th grade! I don’t know how good his grades were, but he’s got his schedule for next fall already, and now we are plunging into football with a vengeance. I went to the used bookstore today and picked up a copy of “It” by S. King to keep in the car. I spend a lot of time waiting for him, so might as well have a good read along with me. I’ve already re-read “The Shining” and something by Dean Koontz. I never got to leave books in the car before (NOTHING could be left in the car…well, tools) so I’m reclaiming that, too. Reclaming feels wonderful. In fact, I had to go over to the house again today to pick up my suitcase and an item that came in the mail over there, and I remembered this article that I read recently. G wasn’t there, so I spent a little time walking in the yard/gardens, and calling my power back to me. I saw that not only was the cherry tree gone, but also the apple and plum tree that we had planted the first week we moved in. I chose not to be sad about that. I choose to think not only was it about bad weather last fall, but also about me reclaiming my own energy from that place. I want to be able to drive past there or even go visit (I have been offered garden produce and I will take it!) and look at the place in a completely third person mode. So, by calling all of my power back from there, I can allow that to happen. It was a much better feeling than the last time I was there.

I’ve also started looking for places that I could possibly live for a year outside the country once E has graduated and moved on. He may not want to go at that time, but I am being clear to him that Hotel Gramma is closing in 2018. And once I turn 62, and have even the HOPE of Social Security, some plans and dreams are coming true for ME for a change.

So far, I am liking this challenge. A LOT!


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3 Responses to Keeping My Own Company

  1. This all sounds great!! I am around/in my former home on a somewhat regular basis, and the relief I feel at not having to call it home anymore is still intense. Also, I want an update on your research into how to live abroad for a year. I’m wildly interested in this subject.

    • Oh, also, the car thing – it’s such a relief to me not to have to worry about how the car looks or where I park it or if I get a small scrape from some unknown source in a parking lot. Fantastic!

  2. efrompdx says:

    Good for you, GG! I am so happy for you, so excited at the changes and growth and clarity that you are discovering. Thanks for sharing that article about calling back your energy. Very interesting. And, I’m so glad that you did it! I am going to do so as well.

    Enjoy your Iron Wolf training! It’s a good and realistic goal. Also, it’s so great that you are back in the water — clearly, that is of immense importance to you. Yay!

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