And Here I Am…

I’ve been managing an hour or so of “me” time pretty well. I guess I cheated a little bit on the no TV thing because part of the time I’m spending with myself is involving some exercising and movement, and I found a number of nice, brief workouts in the free on-demand section of my cable. This is a really great thing! I found a very good 10-minute walking workout that I can do when I get really groggy in the middle of the night…it’s great for getting the blood moving and brief enough that I can do it on break. I’ve also found some yoga/pilates and strength/weight routines, too. It’s great to be able to have those choices when it’s too hot to go out or I just want a few minutes of something.

I also finally bit the bullet and bought a new swim card at the college and updated my parking pass. I was really bummed because I had about 5 swims left on my old card, which was in my wallet, and I think in clearing out a bunch of old receipts somewhere along the way, I accidentally tossed it. However, this new one is tucked inside my photo protectors so it should stay safe and sound. E has football camp at the college next week and hopefully, I’ll get in a couple of swims, too. AND, it’s so close now, I could walk if I were really motivated…but maybe not carrying my swim bag.

I’ve also started journaling again–pen to paper actual writing. There are things I need to write about that I don’t really want to put here, even in a private post. And there’s something extremely cathartic about watching the words flow out of your fingers. It’s just a different process than typing. Long ago, when I wrote, I did everything longhand and then typed it into the computer (or on paper via typewriter–anyone remember typewriters?). It took me a long time to learn how to compose fiction at the computer. Now I would find it physically exhausting to try to write a story or a novel with pen and paper, but I love the process of journaling and I’m happy to be doing it once more. And, yes, I inaugurated a new journal in honor of the challenge. It’s a thick one, too, so I have to keep at it.

I’m doing my leg stretches most every day. They definitely help, although as time moves on, I find that drastic changes in the barometric pressure make a huge difference in my pain level. I don’t know if it’s the climate here, with the rather thin, dry air, or what, but there are days when moving is just really difficult and I think, why, I haven’t done anything to warrant this, and then I watch the weather reports and invariably there are massive, conflicting fronts clashing along the Front Range, moving through. I mean, if the tides can affect us, why not air pressure changes as well?

I haven’t made much progress on my little grotto area, but that’s more due to budget concerns than anything else. It’ll happen. E is winding down school and winding up football, so once that schedule kind of adjusts, maybe I’ll be able to hit a few garage sales.

The thing I’m learning about doing this challenge is how to work with my own rhythm. I spent so many years following someone else’s imperatives (and for most of that time happy to do it), that I kind of lost my own sense of how I would like to move through this world. I know it’s a slower pace than a lot of people. I can have really long-term goals and be okay with not knowing how I’m going to achieve them in this red-hot second. Another thing I’m learning…”how” isn’t that important. “How” will take care of itself if I’m just clear on “what.” So, I’m concentrating on the “what.”

I think that’s pretty good progress for a week. Going to go spend some time with myself now. I’ll check back later.



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  1. efrompdx says:

    Excellent news, GG!

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