A New Challenge

I recently joined a page on FB called “Collective Evolution. A bit later, one of the posts was about a 30-day challenge called “Thirty Days of Me.” As I read about it, I realized that while I do spend a significant amount of time alone compared with most people, the great majority of that time is not devoted to ME. In fact, not much of it really is. I seem to always be running around doing errands, getting the flat organized, dealing with all the things one does when one has a teenager in their life, all of that. When I grab time alone, sometimes I manage a walk, or Heaven forbid, a single episode of Game of Thrones on the computer. Even my creative cooking has been curtailed lately because E is just not interested in culinary adventures, and I’m not going to waste expensive ingredients on someone who won’t even try.

So, I signed up. For the next 29 days (I started yesterday), I’m going to invest at least an hour a day in just ME. The rules are simple…an hour a day, no TV, music, movies or games, try to do this alone with as few distractions as possible, an no napping during the hour (darn!).

Yesterday, I put my drum and camera in the car and went out to Liberty Point, one of my favorite places in Pueblo, and one I don’t get to often enough. I went around noon, which is quite different, since I almost always go at sunrise or sunset. It was a gorgeous day, clear, bright, sunny and warm. I sat on my favorite flat rock and drummed into the universe.seatrock (640x480)Below me, Lake Pueblo, our reservoir, spread out full and lovely. The surrounding hills and dells were greener than I have seen them in nearly a decade, thanks to all the rain we have had this spring.

highres (640x480)As I drummed a curious crow swooped over me, furling its wings to dive down into the drop right beneath the point, then flying up over my head to catch an updraft. It was an amazing, heart-pounding sight. I also had a visit from a couple of vultures, who might have been curious about my stillness, but went on their way once I started moving.

vistor2 (640x352)I think was there at least an hour. I lost track of time, which is a good thing. These days, I’m too much in time, trying to keep up with everything. But that’s all right too. I’m going to do this challenge, but I’m also going to be okay with where I am. And if I do need to lie down and take a nap, then that’s what I’ll do. I think the biggest thing about this challenge is learning to listen to myself. What do I want to do with this hour? What do I need? Sometimes, they might be the same and sometimes completely different. If I can get a better understanding on those two things in the next month, then it will be a successful experiment, indeed!

Perhaps you should try it, too.


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One Response to A New Challenge

  1. efrompdx says:

    An hour a day… every day? Sometimes that seems impossible.

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