You might think this is going to be a rant about G or the breakup or whatever. It’s not. This is a rampage of pure appreciation. There is SO MUCH to be grateful for.

This morning, I drove out east to see some dear friends and just hang out. It was much needed me time. It was an absolutely beautiful Colorado morning and I was so thankful to be living here in this state that I love so much. I was thankful for my job, that allows me to work extra pretty much whenever I want, so I have decided to work enough extra every month to cover my car payment, which will help immensely. I can do it…an hour or so for 20 days out of the month, and covered. It’s a blessing to be able to do that and not even leave my house. I was so grateful to have my little car, to have my insurance, to have my renters’ insurance paid up for a year, to have a new world of volunteerism with the County Extension service and the Master Gardener program that I completed at the beginning of April.

I am grateful to be able to put the boys to work tomorrow helping me get plants from a local vendor for our big fundraising plant sale. I am grateful for a friend from the class who offered to help me move my artwork from there to here. I am grateful for our DSS worker, who came for a home visit today and told me to go get the furniture we need (dining table and 2 chairs, futon and dresser for E) and said, “We haven’t spend any money on you guys, you need this.” I am grateful for friends who feed me lunch and give me over-the-door towel hooks, and wonderful coffee from Germany, and delicate crystal classes to drink my wine and whiskey out of (still have to get those 2 items, but I will be very grateful when I have them), and an amazing tool bag, so I’ll never feel helpless at home if something goes wrong.  I am grateful for E’s friend’s mom who invited me out last night…imagine, ME going OUT on a weeknight no less. I am grateful that even though I overslept this morning, my drive to get E to school is shorter, and so we made it there on time. I am grateful that E actually straightened up his room for the home visit today! I am grateful for food in the freezer and fridge. I am grateful for people who sell me wonderful, delicious local chicken and duck eggs. I am grateful for this quiet little apartment that is starting to feel like home. I am grateful for the ability to put things behind me without resentment and move forward. I am grateful to be writing on this blog and I am grateful for anyone who reads it at any time. I am grateful for social media even though it drives me crazy at times. I am grateful to be able to catch up and keep up with old friends this way.

I am so grateful today that I honestly feel like I have become gratitude. I know this feeling won’t last. I know I’ll dip and have lows just as deep as this particular high is right now. I also know that’s okay. I can be grateful for the full spectrum of emotions as well and know that they are all normal and valid. I can accept everything just as it is…and everything perfect just as it is.

And then, time to fix dinner. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Rampaging…

  1. What a wonderful post, GG. Thank you for sharing it. I needed to read something positive today… Cheers!

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