A Week

Yesterday was a week since we moved. It seems like we have been here forever and that the last 13 years were but a dream. Isn’t that odd? I expected to be more broken up about the break up, but I’m not. I confess that sometimes I wonder about myself. I wonder if there is something missing inside me, because I can detach like this, almost in an instant. I wonder where the line is between detachment and pathology is–if one can be so detached as to just fall off the edge. Does that make sense? Can you have passion and detachment at the same time? I wonder.

I’m still unpacking, but nearly done. Mostly it’s books now, and where they should go. I got the furniture in the bedroom rearranged yesterday and I think things will stay this way for a while. This bedroom is REALLY big. I see where I might need a piece or two (I need a low sort of table or night stand right next to my floor bed. A regular one is too high for me to reach the lamp at night, and I want to get the lamp off the floor.) I guess this means I can take the tape off the file cabinet drawers and file a few things.

The one issue I have is that the closet doors are mirrored. No, no, NOPE. I hate mirrored closet doors…and the ones in the model that I looked at were not. For now, the doors are just open, so it’s almost like my closet at the other place, but a friend of mine sent me this brilliant article about using fabric for “wallpaper” and putting it up with liquid laundry starch. I might find myself some funky fabric and do that…after I test that it will stick on the mirrors and that I can get all fabric and starch reside off the mirrors without a problem. It would definitely give me a pop of design color/accent in this otherwise very beige/white room. And as long as I could take it off harmlessly before I moved (hoping THAT won’t be for a while), it should be okay.

I still have to hang pictures and I still have to get quite a bit of artwork from the house. I’m sure G is worrying with that like a bone. She’s already moved everything down to my old meditation room, but I know she hears it nattering at her constantly. I need to coordinate with friend D, who drives a large truck for his job. He’s been so willing to help me out with just about anything. We just have to work around his schedule, which takes him out of town on the road on my days off. But we’ll get there.

All in all, I feel pretty settled. I’m hoping to get back to the pool next week…this new place is SO much closer…I could probably ride my bike if I wanted to…and I might ride up to the college just to ride, but not lugging all the swim stuff too. I don’t think I’m that coordinated.

And now I need to go cook part of dinner and maybe unpack a few more books. Thank you for all your good thoughts and encouragement. It means a lot and I really appreciate it!

5 thoughts on “A Week

  1. I think your detachment had been increasing for quite a while. Even before E moved in, you had written of things that made you step back and say, Hmm… So, it’s not surprising to me at all that you have been able to walk away with your heart and soul intact.

    Totally agree about the mirrored closet doors! Ack! Love the idea your friend suggested. I hope that works!

    One more thing: get a basket for your bike and let the bike do all the lugging of stuff. I ride a lot and find it quite pleasing to come home from the farmer’s market with produce in my basket. 🙂

    Glad this is all working out so smoothly, GG. xoxoxo

    1. Thanks, E…I keep surprising myself. And I do have a basket on my bike, but my swim stuff takes up kind of a lot of room. Plus I’m so out of shape now, I probably couldn’t manage it, but it’s definitely a goal. Plus, I still have to get the bike over here from the house. At least I drove the road over to the pool today…SO close! 🙂

  2. I agree with Pug. Also, there is such relief in leaving a high conflict household! Re-discovering that you can live without fighting and tension all the time is priceless.

  3. i believe the need to hang on and hang on is a weakness not a strength…we change and our culture wants us to be “forever more” and i believe that is just not real. How freeing it is to be able to change and move on and have a life and not be weighted down with regrets or remorse or even anger. It is no one’s fault that we change only reality..see ya soon

  4. If you detached that easily from your ex, perhaps it was time to move on, and just that. The upside is you can just walk, no legal entanglements or lawyers necessary. Sweet.

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