So this shall be my sacrifice:

To move beyond this path I call my life
For something new, uncharted tracks,
Looking only forward, never back
In the vision pressed to me,
There is no death, but that of mediocrity;
Dropping patterns left behind
Within the chrysalis of mind
And emerging forward, I stand amazed
To see the glittering wings
I always wore, but could not find.

The wind that raised within my soul
Flutters, teasing, waking power
Deep within, and bold,
I dare the precipice and leap
Into the welcoming void,
Feel beneath my new damp wings
A Hand, to catch and hold me
Strong into the Light
Of which was told.

Should such flight then
Be called a Sacrifice?
Or rather joyful gift,
To step away from worry
Lift my heart,
Set my feet upon my path
Where wings can spread,
And dreams can soar
Beyond known Heaven’s sight.


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2 Responses to Sacrifice

  1. pugwantstoknow says:

    I’m not into poetry but what you wrote sounded nice. So, are you saying you’ll be leaving the homestead and your lady to embark on some new journey? Or did I miss something? Relationship do end. Opportunities to begin a new life are scary and exciting. Good luck with whatever it is you are seeking.

  2. efrompdx says:

    GG — wow. Powerful.

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