Five Day Tarot Meditation – Day Three – Nine of Water – Laziness

9waterlazyWhat is lazy? Lounging around the house on the 4th day of a 4-day work week, trying to get prepared for the last overnight shift (what I’m doing today)? Not picking up that food wrapper that fell on the floor when I was cooking dinner last night? Not paying attention to messages and clues that things are not as smooth in a relationship as they have been? How do you define “lazy”?

I normally get my back up a little bit when I see this card in a reading. I’m not lazy, I think defensively, I just move at my own pace. But when I saw it here, and when I slowed down and read the meaning once and then again, I thought, yes, that makes sense. Meditating on it a bit longer, I realized that for me, in this case, “laziness” equals “complacent.”

The message of the card is that the man in the picture thinks that he has arrived. He’s made it. The pool, the lounge chair, the drink with the umbrella. There you go. Done. I have been doing that in my life. Met G, bought a house, did stuff to the house, did things I’ve wanted to do, done some traveling, got a better job, sweet life. Yes, done.

But, no. All of those things are great. Yes. But, what I’m rapidly learning is that as human beings, we are never done. Even when we croak we’re not done, and if we’re not done in the nonphysical, how can we ever be done in the physical? There’s always something more. That was/is my problem. I stopped thinking about “more.” Not in the sense of more things or more money or even anything tangible, but more in the sense of more exploration, more things to be interested in, more excitement, more stimulation, more learning, more becoming.

I had given up my stimulation. I didn’t even realize it. I had stopped doing so many things that challenged me and gave me pleasure. And I had stopped moving beyond those things to find other things I might enjoy  just as much, simply to add them to my repertoire. I had become lazy and complacent.

The card says that the poolside resort is not the final destination. “Making it” doesn’t mean giving up and stopping. Perhaps I became complacent because, yes, I had honestly achieved some things. Nothing wrong with that. But resting on laurels becomes uncomfortable pretty quickly. There’s still a lot of space out there to explore. I have to get out there and pay attention, or, like the shiny mirrors in the picture above, my foundation is going to crack and then I won’t feel so comfortable and complacent.

As is often true, Abraham says it best: “You can’t get it wrong and you never get it done.”  I need to quit being afraid of making a misstep and just get myself back out there on the road. I can go at my own pace. I don’t have to let others tell me what I like or what I should be interested in. But I need to keep going, that’s for sure.

Just remember–Can’t get it wrong. So, what am I waiting for?


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