Ten-Thing Monday

1. I am incredibly grateful to have found a most marvelous book called “Seven Sacred Pauses.” The wisdom it contains is beyond measure.

2. I am so grateful that it’s October, my favorite month. I love the bluest skies of the year, the suddenly shifting winds, the clouds that hold every nuance of grey, silver and pewter. I love the leaves that gild the trees, and I love watching them fly off ahead of the gusts. I love the angle of the light, the warmth of autumn afternoons, and the kiss of twilight’s cool breezes on my cheek.

3. I am definitely grateful that my grandson has no aspiratons to be a singer. (He’s wailing his head off to some song on YouTube with his headphones on as I write this. Simon Cowell would have a field day.)

4. I am grateful that the last contacts and conversations I had with the boys’ dad (more on that later) were upbeat and encouraging.

5. I’m grateful I got to see my other grandson this week, even though the circumstances were much too sad.

6. I’m grateful that my big pot of beef barley soup turned out exactly the way I wanted it to.

7. I am grateful to listen to the wind rushing around the house tonight, but glad I don’t have to be out in it.

8. I am grateful that E has made some good friends at school through playing football and that I’m getting to know them and their families.

9. I’m grateful that it’s now Monday morning, and I only have one more day/night to work.

10. I am grateful for the rocking chair in my meditation room and the funky 1950’s floor lamp I inherited that works so perfectly next to it.

handsome (640x369)


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