The Days When It’s Hard To Be Grateful

I was wondering what I would be able to do for Ten-Thing Monday today, because, honestly, I am not feeling terribly grateful right now. No time to go into great depths, but let’s just say three deaths in less than a month are a little hard to deal with. It can stop now, please and thank you.  Then, just now, as I opened my FB page for a quick glance, I found the most beautiful thing. I’m going to print it out and keep it close:

O You whose face is a thousand colors….look upon us in this twilight hour and color our faces with the radiance of your love. As the light of the sun fades away, light the lamps of our hearts that we may see one another more clearly. Let the incense of our gratitude rise as our hearts become full of music and song. May the work that we bring with us into this house fall away from our minds as we enter the mystical grace of the evening hour. Amen.

For these words and thoughts, I am extremely grateful.


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