Ten-Thing Monday

1. Yoga. I forget how much I enjoy yoga when I don’t do it for a while. This weekend, I did one of my favorite routines which includes balance, stretching and strength poses. I felt my heart open a little bit while I was practicing. It was a good thing.

2. Lakes and rivers. Runyon Lake (named for Damon Runyon, who was from Pueblo) is just a few minutes from my house. I’ve started going there to walk. I park in a little lot off a busy street and walk across the Arkansas River to get to the path around the lake. For part of the time, the river is on one side of me, and the lake on the other. It’s a wonderful walkway between two very different bodies of water, both calming and invigorating.

3. Huge cottonwood trees. At one spot on the walk around the lake, there’s a particularly huge mother cottonwood tree. I hug her every time. The energy is amazing.

4. Trains. The train tracks also run by the lake and across the river. When I lived in Denver, there was a small lake/reservoir near the house where I rented a room. I walked around there nearly every day and there were train tracks just by there, too. If I timed it just right, in the evening I was close enough to wave to the engineer as the train went by. I’ve always loved trains. Not in the model rail-road type of way, although that’s cool, but in the passenger kind of way. I love that method of travel. The first trip I ever took solo anywhere was on a train from Atlanta to Greensboro, NC to visit my aunt and uncle. I was in the tenth grade, and while I was there, we all watched Hank Aaron hit his 715th home run. Definitely an historic trip.

5. Love and Logic. It’s a parenting tool and technique and it’s what’s allowing me to write this blog post this morning instead of nagging a teenager out of bed. I need to get better at practicing it.

6. My new car. I’m really enjoying having my own wheels again. Simplifying doesn’t always mean getting rid of everything.

7. Cooler, darker mornings. It’s harder to wake up, but the sounds and sights of sunrise are delicious. When the time changes in Novemer, I’ll be grateful for that, too.

8. Friends. I’m going to catch up with one this morning after I drop the teen at school.

9. Tomatoes. And by that I mean the three absolutely perfectly gorgeous orange tomatoes that a friend sent home with G from the farm last night. I see sandwiches in my future. Plus the little pot tomaotes I’ve been picking here all summer.

10. Being able to function on not much sleep. Some folks can’t do it. Fortunately, I can. Otherwise, heaven knows what would happen.


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