Ten Thing Monday

Well, last Monday slipped by nearly unnoticed, and to be honest that was a good thing. In fact, I could just tuck all of last week away in a nice, bright envelope and shoot it out into orbit for all the good it did me. But wait. Maybe it did do some good after all. Sometimes blessings come from the oddest places. Thus, without further ado, my ten things for today:

1. I am grateful for other people’s families and their multitudes of examples.

2. I am grateful for friends who are willing to meet for coffee.

3. I am grateful for those unexpected blessings that sometimes come from people I barely knew.

4. I am grateful for having the wherewithal to buy a new (to me) car.

5. I am grateful for this home that we have created and continue to create so strongly.

6. I am grateful for books that show up in my life at the exact moment I need them the most.

7. I am grateful to have a partner who really does want to listen to me, even when talking out loud is the most difficult thing I could ever do.

8. I am grateful for the positive growth and changes I am seeing in my grandson.

9. I am grateful to experience the joy of high school sports from an entirely different perspective.

10. I am grateful that the wheel is turning, that the Equinox is coming, and that fall is already hinting in cool breezes and dusty, fading flowers. I love the fading of the glory just as much as I do the brilliant colors of high summer.

What were your ten things today?


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