Ten-Thing Monday

Well, I have obviously not kept up with the 30-day writing challenge. I could list a slew of excuses, but I’m working on not having excuses. Instead, I have decided to keep up with the gratitude practice by instituting “Ten-Thing Monday.” I know that doing the gratitude work calls for listing 10 things every day, but then that would be my entire blog. Plus, I like to let things add up a little over time. So, here goes for my first list:

1. I am incredibly grateful that for this week, there is only one football practice per day, which is in the afternoon. Last week, he had two a day, morning and afternoon, and it was a killer. On Friday/Saturday, I was up for about 29 hours, with a couple of half-hour dozes here and there. Even in college I never pulled a shift like that. So, this week promises to be a piece of cake. Thank you, Coaches!

2. A tree full of apples. This week, I pulled probably 50 pounds of apples off the tree in the front yard. A lot of them were sun damaged, too tiny to use, or already attacked by worms or squirrels. I had to get the weight off the tree before the branches cracked. Yesterday, I made a double-sized apple crisp which was pretty darn good. I think we’ll be able to get a batch of applesauce to freeze, as well.

3. Coffee. As in, I just finished a very large cup and now it’s the end of my shift at 5 a.m. and I’m writing this blog post.

4. Mondays. Which are my Fridays. Do I need to explain further?

5. My phone. I know this sounds weird coming from someone who is kind of anti-cell phone, but I love my little “smart enough” phone. It isn’t compatible with a lot of apps, but it has WIFI capability so I can get onto the web when the boy is using my computer, and I am able to keep up with his football stuff via text message, etc. I am working hard not to be one of those people who is consantly on their phones at all times, but I really like this phone and hope it does not become obsolete too soon.

6. My massage therapist. Thanks to a friend who referred me, I now have someone I can go to on a regular basis. She is pretty amazing and has really been working with me to identify the reason for a lot of my aches and pains. Two words: Connective tissue. I may consider rolfing. Any advice on that would be welcome.

7. The farm. Where G has been spending most of her time this summer, helping two of our friends put in and prepare for a corn maze/fall festival. It may sound harsh, but having her out of the house for a few days at a time has been a blessing. The tension between her, me, and E has not been pleasant, to say the least. We (well, she and I) are working on it. Please keep us in your thoughts.

8. This summer. We have had a relatively cool and wet summer. For Pueblo, that is. Afternoon thunderstorms have been the norm rather than the exception. The flowers have loved the rain and it’s been nice not having to water everything all the time other than the pots on the patio. I heard a snippet of news a couple of days ago and I think they said that most of Colorado is now officially out of drought phase. Definitely something to be thankful for! Now, let’s hope for lots of snow this winter to keep up the trend.

9. Sleep. When it comes, I revel in it. I’m trying to let myself sleep when I’m tired (and it’s feasible to do so) and not worry about it if I can’t sleep. On the days with early morning practices, I’ve been stashing a pillow in the car, parking in the shade to wait, putting the seat back and snoozing. Whatever works, right?

10. Books in the house. I have made a vow to read all unread books that I have in this house and then pass them along as gifts or donate to charity. I am realizing there is a ton of unread books here, and this is moving me out of my reading rut, too.

And that’s the list for this week. Maybe this weekly thing will help me keep my eyes open for things to be grateful for that I wouldn’t ordinarily pay attention to, and won’t that be wonderful!

Happy Monday and stay grateful.


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2 Responses to Ten-Thing Monday

  1. jill m starkey says:

    thank you for things to think about to be grateful about….

  2. pugwantstoknow says:

    I just made the same promise to myself….read all the unread books in the house then get them out of the house. I have a monumental task before me.

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