Book A Day #28 – Bought At My Favorite Independent Bookshop

Well, it’s finally stumped me. I honestly can’t remember a book that I bought at my favorite indepent book store, since that store was in Atlanta and has sadly long since gone out of business. That would make it nearly 20 years ago since I bought a book there. I do remember visiting the shop when I was in town for a reunion, and they were having a going out of business sale. I remember being so grateful to be able to visit the store one more time, and I did buy a book then, but for the life of me, I can’t remember what it was or even if I still have it. We don’t have a lot of independent book stores in Pueblo and I’m more likely to patronize the library rather than a shop, since I’m not buying books as often. I do love to visit The Tattered Cover in Denver when I’m up there, but again, more for the ambiance than the inventory.

I know mega stores and now the Internet have put idependent stores in jeopardy and I’m sad about that. I wish I had a better tale and a better memory to give you.


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