Book A Day #27 – Want To Be One of The Characters

The truth is, I want to live on Darkover. I’ve wanted to live there for a long time, since I first discovered Marion Zimmer Bradley’s long running, stunningly imagined world light years away from Earth, so far away that Earthlings forgot they ever sent a ship there and over the centuries the inhabitants forgot they ever came from anywhere else and evolved to fit their planet under the bloody sun, colder, where 40 degrees is summer, without much metal, where telepathy became the technlogy of necessity and choice, where human biology was influenced by native botany, and where more than one species lived, if not in harmony, at least together on the same world.

And then the Earthlings came back…

I chose this particular book in the series not because it’s better but because it marks the beginning of some of MZB’s best and most detailed writing in the series. The books were not written in chronological order, and it’s interesting to see how her style evolved and grew over time. Some of the books were written to fill in the blanks left by others. Some characters run through several volumes; others show up only in one book and you wish they would come back again.

I’ve loved this series for longer than I can remember, even though I think I was grown before I first found them. They’re so much a part of my own reading history, I can’t imagine being without all of these books on my shelves.

Are you intrigued yet? Better start reading…

darkover (430x640)


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