Book A Day #25 – Never Finished It

I had such high hopes for this book. The originals that inspired it were old childhood friends and I definitely wanted to read it. I borrowed it from a friend and figured it would be one of those quick weekend reads and I would enjoy it and get it back to her in good time. I started it and almost immediately bogged. I put it aside. A few weeks later, I thought, maybe I was distracted, maybe I just hadn’t been in the mood, and tried again. Again, the reading stuttered and stopped. Every time I tried to read this book I felt like gravity increased in the room and I could hardly lift my hand to turn the page. After a good half dozen attempts to move past the first couple of chapters, I just gave up and returned the book to my friend. I’m realizing I just don’t have time to spend forcing myself to read things that don’t immediately grab me enough to at least turn the next page. Sadly, this one didn’t, and I’m pretty sure I won’t try it again.



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