Book A Day #24 – Hooked Me Into Reading

I discovered this book in the seventh grade. I distinctly remember finding it. It was, believe it or not, in our reading book for that year. Yes, a seventh grade reading book back in 1969 had this novel as its final entry. We didn’t read the book as an assignment; we never got that far in the book, but I saw it and something about it…the name, perhaps the illustration on the first page, who knows, something hooked me and after a page or two, I was lost. Later, I soaked up everything I could find by the author, and realized that while her books were labeled as “children’s fiction”, there was nothing childish about her work, not the characters, even though many of them are young, certainly not the subject matter, and not the writing. Brilliant, evocative and haunting, this story has stayed with me for 45 years and every time I read it, I am moved once more. When I came across a compilation of three of this author’s novels in one volume, you can bet everything you have I didn’t let that one pass me by.

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