Book A Day #23 – Made To Read At School

All through elementary and high school, I read whatever was assigned without a problem. Never met a book I didn’t scarf up with gusto, even Shakespere. That crazy middle English syntax and old verbiage intriged me…I wanted to hear it out loud, and I often did read it subvocally in my room. English lit was my friend.

Then I got to college and freshman English. And this book. Of course, it was a “classic” but for some reason, either the style, the subject matter, the time of day, the professor, who knows, I was nearly defeated by this book. Every time I opened it to read, I felt like I was trying to run knee deep through molasses. It was just a book! Words on the page, one after the other, like any other book, but I. Could. Not. Get. Into. It. I’m pretty sure I did finish it because I had to take tests or write a paper or whatever you do in college freshman English, but, boy! I just remember this book as a really party pooper when it came to reading.


Later…decades later…I decided to try another book by the same author. I chose “Light in August” and found it more relevant and much easier to read. While I appreciate the exposure to some of the classics throughout my education, I do believe that some of them are just going to be baffling until readers have their own life experience. Maybe it’s time to revisit this one. I’ll let you know if I do…

And now, I’m all caught up on my postings and can go back to daily updates tomorrow. Yay!


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2 Responses to Book A Day #23 – Made To Read At School

  1. Do you know, this was almost *my* read in school choice? Except I couldn’t bear the flashbacks. Same college as you, same major–same hatred! I still remember flinging it across my dormitory room on the last day of the year, then picking it up from the floor and sort of gleefully physically tearing it apart. Ugh.

    • GratefulGran says:

      Oh, wow, I never knew that. That is a pretty odd coincidence, for sure. I wonder if we should try to read it again? Maybe not. 🙂

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