Book A Day #22 – Out Of Print

I bought this book long ago when I was doing my best to read all the great, classic science fiction authors. I’m sure I either bought it at a convention or my favorite used bookstore in Atlanta (now, sadly, long out of business). I remember being intrigued by the premise, wondering if it were even physically possible, but, not being an engineer, I didn’t worry about it too much. Then, a few years later, I bought the sequel, and in the dedication, the author mentioned that if anyone had the first edition paperback, “…it’s the one with the mistakes in it. It’s worth money.” I flew back to my bookcase to look at that previous purchase. Would you believe…a first edition paperback?? Yes. I’ve never tried to find out if the thing is actually worth any money. I’m sure in some circles it might be, but I’m happy enough to have a piece of writing history, so I wouldn’t part with it, regardless.

And now, yet another book to read again!

ringw (480x640)



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