Book A Day #18 – Bought On A Recommendation

Once upon a time, I had a long-distance relationship with an astronaut. Well, he was wearing a space-suit when I met him, but really he was a Klingon, or he wanted to be. Over the course of our correspondence, we discussed a lot of things, books, reading and science fiction being amongst the top. We looked for slightly different things in our reading lists, but were both open to new authors and reading experiences. I bought the following on his recommendation and it is an excellent read. There’s a lot of real science in this fiction and it harks back to the Grand Masters of Asimov, Clarke, Heinlein, et. al.  However, it’s also a really good story, a mystery even. So, if you say you “don’t like science fiction” may I dare you to give this one a try? If the last couple of paragraphs don’t give you chills or at least get you thinking pretty hard, then I promise you never have to read another piece of speculative fiction ever.


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