Book A Day #16 – Can’t Believe More People Haven’t Read

Actually, I CAN believe it, because I just happened to pick this book up on a fluke at the library. I never heard anything about it before.  I don’t even know what prompted me to, though it might have been the cover. However, once I started it, I simply could not put this book down. The story hooked me immediately, but it would, since I am a science fiction buff, but it was the characters that truly brought this book to life. I fell into this tale, I was THERE, these characters became my friends. I was stunned when I read that this was Mary Doria Russell’s first novel. Stunned and more than a little jealous, I can tell you.

I could wax on, but I’m pressed for time and I’m trying to catch up on my posts. Obviously, I missed the consecutive posting days, but I do want to be all caught up by the end of this weekend. Trust me, you NEED to read this book. I promise you will thank me.



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