Book A Day #12 – I Pretend To Have Read It

Well, hmm. I might have done that in college to try to BS the professor or something, but my college English literature experience was so intense that really wasn’t possible. I’m not sure I’ve ever said I’ve read a book when I haven’t, but there’s one that I say that I know what it’s about even though I haven’t read it. Funny thing is, I own it but I just haven’t had the real urge to crack it open. Why? If I’m totally honest, it’s mostly because I’m afraid that if I read it and the smut will be so much worse than anything I can write (or have written) and then I’ll be all sad that I haven’t got off my rear end and made more progress with my writing. How’s that for classic avoidance? Whatever, here you go:



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2 Responses to Book A Day #12 – I Pretend To Have Read It

  1. chicu says:

    Don’t read it, GG. It is horrible and offensive and dangerous to all the people who mistake manipulation for lurve. here:
    Cliff’s brilliant and has done all the dirty work for us. 😉

    • GratefulGran says:

      You know, the best thing about this comment is you using the word “lurve.” Seriously. The. Best. I lurve you! 🙂

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