Book A Day #11 – Secondhand Bookstore Gem

We don’t have a lot of used bookstores here in Pueblo and since I’m in the mode of not buying books, I rarely go there. However, a few months ago, I went to Florence, Colorado, with a friend to peruse the many antique stores there. Florence might be the antique capital of southern Colorado. We were at was going to be our last store, having been nearly antiqued-out, when I found a window frame that I wanted to use for an art project that I have had in mind for a while. Happy to have found it, I wandered into one more room that had books. I wasn’t really in the market, but then my eye fell on this, and I knew I HAD to have it:

whitehouse (480x640)

I snapped it up for two dollars and when we got home, I sat on the porch and read aloud until my friend and I nearly had to be resuscitated, we were laughing so hard. Now I’m going to have to sit with it again and maybe discover how to set the table if dignitaries ever show up at my door. Hey! You never know…


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