Book A Day #7 – Forgot I Owned It

A few weeks ago, I decided to tackle just one shelf of the built-in wall of shelves behind my desk. I’m trying to embrace this whole de-cluttering and downsizing phenomena, and when I take the time to honestly look at my shelves, it’s apparent they could use a bit of attention and probably some culling. So, I started small, with one shelf of a small bookcase that is next to the built-in unit. It is true that one can never have too many book shelves. Since the bookcase itself was rather small, I had placed a lot of small books there, and as I was going through them, I found a book I had completely forgotten about:

yeats (480x640)

I was so happy to see this little volume, and as I thumbed through it, I realized (from the price tag and the £ sign), that I had probably bought it the last time I was in the UK, which made it even more precious. I read a little Yeats in college, but, like Faulkner, I think he’s wasted on the young. You need life experience to really get some of the great writers and poets. You need context. You need a little suffering of your own. As you can see, this is a thin little book, easily carried and packed. It also has some lovely illustrations to accompany the poems, landscapes and pre-Raephelite women, very moody and pensive.

Of course, I had to take the time to become reacquainted with my special little book, so the whole de-cluttering and downsizing project had to wait. Oh well, the shelves will be there…and this book will not be forgotten again.


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2 Responses to Book A Day #7 – Forgot I Owned It

  1. Catching up with your list and loving each entry and the explanation! Wonderful!

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