Book A Day #2 – Best Bargain

The thing is, I no longer buy books, except for those by very favorite authors that I know I will cherish and re-read. That’s why I love my library card so much. I used to buy books, a lot. In fact, one of the first things I did when I needed to cut back on spending was stop buying books and magazines. It was difficult at first. I missed those shiny new covers and the thrill of a new book in my hands. But as time went by, I realized I had a lot less weight to move and certainly fewer spines to dust. Not that I don’t love having a physical book in my hands, I DO. I can’t even comprehend the whole e-reader thing. Just doesn’t compute with me. I want a flesh-and-paper book! Now, I realize that I don’t have to own every book I read, I can just enjoy them in the moment and send them back to the library in good health.

My big exception is cookbooks. Most people buy a cookbook to reference a recipe or two and maybe to look nice on the coffee table. Me, I read cookbooks like novels and follow the chef-authors with just as much interest as the novelists I love. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that my best bargain ever was THIS cookbook for seven dollars:

pep (480x640)

If you know anything about Jaques Pepin, you’ll know he is a brilliant chef. You can find him still cooking away on PBS (watched him yesterday) and giving great advice about how to prepare wonderful food from simple ingredients. I learned how to bone chicken thighs watching him make cassoulet years ago. When I saw that book on sale a while back, I knew I had to have it. Best part? There’s a CD in the back with technique demonstrations, so it’s a cookbook and a cooking class all rolled into one.

Yeah, I’d say that was a damn good bargain for seven dollars!


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