Blessed Solstice…

I have the draft of a post I’m working on, but can’t seem to get over there to finish it. So, in honor of the summer solstice and the longest day of the year (and apparently the least amount of sleep for me), here are some garden photos. Enjoy!

Lilles and mullein by the fence:

lilmul (640x480)

White hollyhock:


Skittles enjoying the garden:

skitflower (640x480)

Wild grasses bordering the side of the yard between us and our neighbor:

wildgrass (480x640)

Looking forward to pie, cobbler and/or sauce:

apples (640x480)

Flax and coreopsis:

flaxcor (640x480)

California poppies by the fountain:

calpop (480x640)

Dill flowers, waiting for seeds:

dillseed (640x480)

Lovely skullcap in its second year:

skullcap (640x480)

The possible beginning of a new project. The greenhouse plastic finally gave up the ghost. I’m thinking of looping long swags of fabric around this frame and making it a meditation area…

frame (640x480)

Solstice blessings to all!


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3 Responses to Blessed Solstice…

  1. efrompdx says:

    Your garden is so beautiful!

  2. My dear Linda,
    Such lovely photos, so inspiring for us here in the depths of winter. What a glorious sky!
    I love the idea of the meditation space swathed in beautiful fabrics.
    Love, and Rainbow Blessings

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