New Family Member

I love this photo. This is E, with Diva, an 8-year-old Italian greyhound that we are fostering until she can find a forever home with a veteran.  We got her this week and she is settling in really well. She and Skittles are about the same age, so you can imagine a house now with four old ladies, two human and two canine, and one somewhat lost teenaged boy. I almost feel sorry for him.

diva1 (585x640)


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One Response to New Family Member

  1. efrompdx says:

    Ha! Because life wasn’t complicated enough… 🙂 You are a good person, GG.

    Btw, we are fostering right now too, and it really adds a dimension to the pet layer of the household.
    The nephew is a handsome fellow. Hope you are all getting along reasonably well.

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