My New Assignment

Things have been rough. Really, really rough, but I don’t want to go into that. I’ve been reading some blogs, getting some things in my newsfeed, and while some of it makes me sigh and go, “Really?” a lot of it makes me think. For the last few days, things have been mostly better. There’s relief on many fronts, a good thing. So, I started thinking I needed to make some changes, and that I needed to start somewhere, but I wasn’t quite sure where. Thanks to the brilliant and always challenging Rob Brezsny, I got my new assignment:

“Here are three spiritual tasks I’m working on:
1. to develop the capacity to thrive in the midst of raging contradictions;
2. to be discerning as I protect myself from people’s flaws while at the same time being generous as I celebrate their beauty;
3. to refrain from dividing the world into two groups, those who help and agree with me and those who don’t.”

Each of the conditions above apply deeply to where I find myself in my life right now. I know it won’t be easy, and maybe I need to print out this assignment and put it in my shirt pocket so I can look at it hourly to remind myself what I’m supposed to be doing, but really, this is EXACTLY what I need to do…for myself, and for everyone who touches my life even peripherally.

Thrive, discern, refrain…and celebrate.

Let’s go!


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One Response to My New Assignment

  1. efrompdx says:

    And, keep breathing!

    I’m sending you energy, joy, strength and courage, GG.

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