Temporal Displacement

The good news is, this year I  probably won’t really notice Daylight Saving Time when it gets here. The bad news is, I’m in a constant state of temporal flux these days.  Here’s why. My now “normal” work schedule is Friday through Monday from 5 pm until 5 am, with a 2-hour window in there somewhere for breaks. That is, I have to work 10 hours out of that 12. It’s up to me when, except that I can’t start at 6 pm or get off at 4 am, because I have to accept and hand off the shift at the beginning and end. Make sense yet? If not, don’t worry, I’m having a hard time, too, and I work it.


I’ve sort of settled into a routine of working until midnight (since I did that anyway in the old job), and then taking a nap until 2 am, and finishing out the last three hours of the shift.  I’ve discoverd that reading for 15 minutes really helps distract my mind from the million and a half things I have to remember to do and not do on this job, and helps me get a little drowsy. Then I set my timer for an hour and 15 minutes, leaving me a quater hour to get up, get dressed, get coffee (thank you Keurig!) and get back down to my desk.  Then, at 5 am, I toddle/stagger up the stairs, try to be quiet and get into bed where if I’m lucky, I’ll drop off and try to sleep till about 10 am. If I can make it to 10 am, I’m pretty good…five hours of sleep in a row has always been about my limit.

Oh, but there’s more. See, I live in Colorado, which is mountain time. However, my company is based in New Hampshire. Additionally, other MTs and clients live all over the country in different time zones so for ease of keeping track, everything is calculated in Eastern time. Before, all I did was add 2 hours in my head, but now I have to run all kinds of reports and keep track of everyone when I’m working, so I finally had to reset the clock on my computer to Eastern time. Therefore, when I go to work, I have suddenly jumped ahead two hours.

I’m finding that on the second half of my shift, I think that I need to get E up for school when I get off because my clock says 7 am, but when I turn off the computer and the lights down here, oh, it’s DARK and I remember it’s really 5 am.  When I go to work I look at the clock and suddenly it’s 7 pm and I think, cool, only five hours till midnight, but then I remember that midnight here is 2 am Eastern, so no, it’s seven hours. And then on my days off, I’m in bed by 10 pm or thereabouts, and I get up around 6 am. What time is it, anyway? What IS time, after all?

In fact, right now, I just panicked because I looked at my computer clock and it said 10:49 am, and I have a 10 am eye doctor’s appointment this morning. My heart lurched (because I hate being late) and then I realized it’s only 8:49 and I breathed a sigh of relief.

Here? There? Now? Later?

It is, indeed, all relative.


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2 Responses to Temporal Displacement

  1. efrompdx says:

    That is crazy! I think you need one of those walls of clocks showing different cities/time zones. A row of them, clearly labelled, with the first one your local time. I would be struggling with that, definitely!

    Other than the crazy time issue, is the job better than the last one? Hope so. And the household? Everyone serene? Double hope so!


  2. liz says:

    oh my gosh! i don’t think i followed all of that really well. that must be crazy to try to keep up with! good luck adjusting and hopefully you will settle into some kind of way of life that works for you. take care in the middle of it all!

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