Working The Magic

Right around the time we started this whole Magic thing, I got a call from my supervisor (aka Team Lead or TL) out of the blue. She left a message on my voice mail and said she had something she wanted to discuss with me. We played phone tag for a while but eventually connected. Basically she wanted to offer me a job. The position would be a shift lead, working not only on the account I do now, but ALL the accounts. It would entail working only 4 more hours, going from 36 to 40, but it would be done in four 10-hour days, instead of three 12s, so I’d be going down from four days off to three, except I’d be working overnight instead of the two broken up shifts I have now.

As she talked, I wasn’t sure about all that. Did I want more responsibility? Did I want to give up ALL my socializing nights as it’s hard to get together with other working folks on weeknights. Lots of potential cons started going through my head. Then I stopped myself. I recalled one of the things that the ubiquitous William Shatner says when people ask him how he is still going strong at 82.  He says, “Yes” a lot. If somebody wants him to try something, he says yes. If someone offers him a speaking gig or a commercial, he says yes. So I thought about that for a couple of nanoseconds and I told my TL that, yes, I would be interested in discussing it further.  She was very excited about my answer and said that the next step would be for the president of the company and CEO to call me and do a quick phone interview and proceed from there.  This was right before Thanksgiving, so she wasn’t sure when that would happen, but I just assured her it was fine and would wait for the call.

A few days went by. And then we got to the chapter in the Magic that talked about money. What an eye opener. So many times we moan and grown about money and not having enough. Heaven knows I’ve been bad about that myself. If you don’t believe me, just skim through my other blog for a while, you’ll see. But this book tilts all that on its head. It asks a series of questions that really got me thinking, like, when you were growing up, did you go to school? Were you transported there in some form? Did you have food and clothing to wear? Did you play sports or participate in other extracurricular activities? Did you have birthday presents? Did you have plumbing, heating and a house to live in? Did you ever go on vacations with your family? Did you get to travel to visit relatives? A whole slew of questions and at the bottom line…money.  You, or someone, had to have money to do all of those things. If you didn’t pay for them, being a child, then they were provided to you somehow. There was enough, somehow. This is all stuff that we take for granted in our lack-focused way. We spend so much time scared there won’t be enough, we forget about how much we’ve already had in our life, and really that’s not likely to change barring really unforseen circumstances.  I could feel my attitude around money begin to shift just a little bit.

Then, the assignment was to find a dollar bill and carry it with you all day with a note that said simply, “Thank you for all the money I’ve been given throughout my life.” After that day, you put the bill where you can see it every day, and every time you see it, you say thank you for all the money you’ve received.

So. Thanksgiving passes and we are all very grateful for friends, food and fellowship. School gets back in, basketball games go on, the usual. I come home a couple of weeks ago and there’s a message from the CEO, sorry she hasn’t called sooner, been busy, really wants to talk to me, etc. By the time I get the message I know it’s too late to call back because she’s on the East Coast, so I send an email and express continued interest. Bottom line, we play phone tag a few times, I’m not available nearly as much during the day as we’re out running errands, the whole nine yards. So, Friday after another voice mail late Thursday night, I’m walking past the phone and her number is there and I say what the heck, pick up the phone and call.

Whammo! Great, she says, you caught me right between projects. We chatted about the job for a while, then about travel, and Ireland and living abroad, and we just hit it right off. Well, we do have the same first name, so why wouldn’t we? Bottom line, she says, I’m going to look at your numbers and put an offer letter together for you, but it probably won’t be until after the weekend. I told her that was fine, and it was. Because in my head, I already had a figure that I would not go below for accepting this job. Oh, and the best part–this job is salaried, NOT production, although I would be looking at doing some production in the course of my duties. Even thinking about that was the most amazing feeling of relief! To actually know what your paycheck is going to be each period. What a blessing. Yes, I was grateful just to talk about that kind of opportunity.

So, yesterday, I get ready to work, and open up my email first thing because that’s where we always get our daily stats, etc. There’s an offer letter waiting for me. With the salary at the figure I wanted AND a sizeable increase after 60 days if I’m up to speed and running with my training. To say that I was floored is an understatement. This is going to mean more than I can say to my peace of mind. It’s not quite twice what I’ve been making the last couple of years, but close. And if I’ve been able to whittle down bills, pay off IRS debt, not use my credit cards in nearly four months, and still put a little money in savings on what I’m doing NOW, well, let’s just say things are looking way, WAY up.

I tell you, this Magic stuff works. If you want to try it, you can download a free pdf file of the entire book off the Internet or you can email me and I’ll send it to you.  Seriously, if you have something in your life that you really want to change, give this a shot. Even if you just spend 28 days saying “Thank you” for various things, and nothing else changes, you’ll still feel better. And what’s not to love about that?


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3 Responses to Working The Magic

  1. margaret says:

    Okay, there’s magic. But there’s also being good at what you do, and deserving! Very jazzed for you!

    • GratefulGran says:

      I agree, Ms. Margaret. Doing a good always helps. But this was completely out of the blue. Totally unexpected, but very welcome. It’s going to be great!

  2. efrompdx says:

    I love this. I am so happy for you that this is falling into place. It feels very… harmonic.

    Also love the William Shatner reference! Thanks for that!

    Peace and Love to you, my friend.

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