A Rampage of Appreciation

Abraham often uses the above phrase and I love it. I love the oxymoronic nature of it, “rampage” being a word often associated with anger or aggression but here used with a much more positive spin.  It sort of brings to mind a whirling dervish or Tasmanian devil buzzing around like a chain saw, but with gratitude for everything.  Whirling dervishes of gratitude, yes, I can get into that.

Yesterday, the Magic workbook lesson was to appreciate ten service people that you might have come in contact with recently. Not necessarily verbally to them personally, although you certainly could do that, but just appreciate them in general. I decided to go off on a rampage.

I really appreciate our trash guy. He goes above and beyond every time he picks up the trash. He comes in the side gate, gets the trash can and dumps it in the truck, puts it back and always takes everything else that might be piled up or stacked by the can–yard waste that wouldn’t fit in the can, weeds, whatever. If we’re outside when he pulls up, he’s always cheerful and has a smile. He always pulls the gate shut and often puts the latch over the top. Thank you, sir.

I appreciate all the wait staff, bartenders, cooks at our favorite brew pub, the Shamrock Brewing Company. Everyone is always cheerful and helpful, the food is great and we always have a wonderful time when we’re there, even when we’re discussing tough things. Thank you, everyone.

I appreciate the postal workers who deal with the flocks of folks coming in to mail all their packages all over the country and the world. I haven’t been to the post office in a while, but I have to mail a few things next week, and I’m being grateful in advance. They work in  a place with no privacy and no chance to escape the mob they face every day, with the exception of a few breaks, which are usually begrudged by those in line. I appreciate them because I don’t think I could stand on my feet all day and do that.

I appreciate the checkout folks in stores everywhere, especially at this time of year. At the grocery store where I usually shop, all the checkers are invariably pleasant and helpful. Most of them have been there on and off from the time I moved here, which I think is a pretty amazing thing.

I appreciate the stockers and shelvers, the packers and unpackers, who make sure that everyone who comes into the stores has ample supply of goods to purchase. The husband of a good friend was a stocker for the above grocery store for  30 years, working overnight making sure everything was displayed appealingly, rotated by date, and ready for the new shoppers each day. I so appreciate him and all of his compatriots. Folks like him work when we’re asleep and when we go into the stores, most likely we never think about how all that stuff got there in such nice array. So, next time you go into a store, remember those guys.

I appreciate all cooks everywhere.  It’s a hard, hot, intense job, getting food out to hungry people on time.  The servers get a lot of the blame when something goes wrong in the kitchen, that’s true, but they also get a lot of credit for the one thing they don’t do, and that’s cook the food. Cooks and kitchen staff rarely get told when things go well (I know, I’ve been there) and almost never get tips. Next time you have a really good meal in addition to great service, consider leaving a tip for the cook, too. You have no idea how that will make someone’s day.

I appreciate receptioninsts and people who answer the phone. They have virtually no power to do anything other than transfer calls, and yet they take the brunt of all unpleasantness that people want to toss against “the system.” If you’re calling some place to complain about something, please don’t take it out on the receptionist. Save all that good, righteous indignation for the folks who might be able to do something about it and appreciate talking to a live person.

I REALLY appreciate the tech people at Staples who helped me with my computer a few weeks ago. They really did their best to get me back up and running as quickly as possible and one of them called me several days later to make sure everything was up and running and when I told him what was happening about not being able to connect to my work VPN, he even went out on the Internet and did some research and called me back with some extra information. He went way above and beyond.

I also appreciate Tommy, who owns TechnoDoctor, the amazing place I take my computer to normally (they’re not open on weekends, which is why I ended up at Staples). The last two times I’ve taken my computer in, he’s run checkes and diagnostics, fixed the problem and not charged me anything. Plus, I always get to have some lively conversation with him.

Finally, I appreciate the teachers, aides, custodians, security officers, school secretaries and attendance folks who work together to make every school run as much like clockwork as possible. Since getting back into school mode having E here, I’m beginning to realize how much things having changed, and what these brave people have to deal with every day. Some of the behaviors I’m told about make my hair stand on end. I used to think I might want to be a teacher, but I see now that it’s definitely a calling and one that I don’t have. My hat is off to all of them, coming in early every day, working through lunch to let students make up tests, staying late for tutoring, spending their own money for extra school supplies. There is so much more that they do than we realize. There just isn’t enough appreciation that I can give.

And now, I’ve brought my rampage to an end. I’m off to work for a couple of hours, and I’m grateful for the extra. Then, it’s off to the grocery store, and later, thanks to one of the wonderful women in our parenting class, I am going to learn how to make tamales!!!

Great way to start the weekend!


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2 Responses to A Rampage of Appreciation

  1. southernhon says:

    What a wonderful, heart-warming post. I love this!!!

  2. efrompdx says:

    This was a wonderful reminder. Occasionally, I bring in baked goods for our housekeeping staff. They work nights and we don’t often cross paths, but they do the cleaning and work I don’t want to do and I need to let them know that I appreciate them. So, thanks for the reminder.

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